Unlock Your Potential With Time Management Training

1 Day Workshop for busy professionals wanting to tame their workload and get more free time in the day.

  • Advance your career
  • Conquer procrastination
  • Restore work life balance
  • Reduce stress
  • Get more done

Attend my next course in Central London on Tuesday 22nd October from 09:30 to 16:00 if you're struggling with any of these issues, or if you want to take command of your time, career, and wellbeing.

Book now at the early bird rate of £97 / person. Prices go up on 16 September 2019.

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100% Satisfaction Guaranteed!

Are You In The professional Top 1%?


Most people believe that they are efficient at work.

But only the top 1% of professionals take the extra learning and growth efforts to put themselves at the top of their industry.

They’re the ones who take the time to learn cutting edge productivity skills.

They’re the ones who make the effort to improve their efficiency.

They’re the ones who are most likely to gain promotion and rise quickly through the ranks.

They’re the ones who excel at their job and who can be relied on.

"Iain's training was an absolute revelation. The information gained in his session allowed me to harness the skills and talents that I knew I had, and overcome the habits that were stopping me from going forward. By putting Iain's lessons into action, I’ve been able to find clarity in my purpose and create simple and practical strategies to translate my vision into reality."

Abi Cleeve, Managing Director and Founder Ultrasun UK

Do you know why the top 1% excel at their Professions?

It’s because people who make the effort to upskill and improve their personal effectiveness stand out from the crowd.  The skills that they display make it impossible for their bosses, peers, and staff not to notice that:

  • They get more done
  • They are calm and relaxed
  • Their desks are clear and ordered
  • They don’t panic when deadlines are looming
  • They are reliable
  • They know what’s going on
  • They communicate clearly and effectively
  • They keep a clear head when others are panicking
  • They generate top quality work
  • They are always on time
  • They always seem to have time to listen
  • They are rarely off work with stress
  • They have a positive work life balance
  • They are happy with their jobs
  • They are viewed favourably by their colleagues
Time management training can help you to develop these essential traits.

Success Leaves Clues In Plain Sight.

Time Management is a key skill in every single sector of every single industry. It’s possibly the most important thing you can learn to improve your effectiveness at work and at home.

This course will teach you how to organise your workload better and to utilise your time more effectively. Become better organised, more effective, more efficient and more productive. Get on top of things and feel more confident and less stressed about what you have to do.

A full day of interactive training from a bona fide Time Management expert is going to help you develop and improve the skills needed to get noticed and get ahead.

  • Prioritise effectively
  • Communicate clearly and quickly
  • Schedule effectively
  • Make large tasks manageable
  • Never lose another piece of paper again – ever!
  • Learn how to have an empty email inbox – every day!
  • Speed up your work
  • Create a better work-life balance
  • Know when to tackle creative work and when to do the low-level maintenance
  • Adopt a positive approach to workload
  • Learn to work according to the urgency and importance of a task
  • Learn how to always have a tidy desk
  • Learn what to do with those ‘soon but not quite now’ tasks
  • Avoid letting time slip away
  • Get on top of paperwork
  • Master your to-do lists
  • Conquer procrastination

That’s a huge list of improvements!  And you’ll be right if you’re thinking that senior management are going to notice the changes you’ll be bringing to the table!

Like I said, success leaves clues.

Are you ready to develop and improve the core skills to get noticed and get ahead? Join me in London on Tuesday, 22nd October from 10:00 to 17:00.

"Iain’s course was delivered in a way that made it very easy to absorb and full of tips to take away as well! He obviously knows his stuff and used his own experience to provide context to real life examples. I would highly recommend Iain as a trainer. He cares about what he does and will make sure he meets your learning needs."

Matt Alsbury-Morris, Change Management Programme Manager

Typical Time Management Workshops can cost as much as Luxury city break.

There are plenty of Time Management courses out there costing several hundred pounds, and sometimes nearly £1,000 per student for a single day of training. Especially in London.

I know because I’ve paid those prices to attend them.

I kept thinking that because the costs were so high that there must be something special about these courses, that there must be an extra key ingredient that other courses were holding back.

I just had to know about these productivity secrets that paying more would get me access to.  Surely it would be worth the extra money spent, wouldn’t it?

So What are these productivity secrets that others charge small fortunes to learn?

I’ll let you in on the secrets, for free, right here and now.  There aren’t any.

That’s right. There are no deep dark secrets to successful time management.

I paid all that money for all of these advanced sessions to learn that there is are no secrets, just common sense solutions.

At first, I was disappointed. Because it turned out that I was paying large amounts of money, unnecessarily, to hear the same information time and time again.

And then I got excited. Because this was really good news.

The fact that there is no secret sauce you can sprinkle on your workload is a good thing.

That there are no magic beans you can sow to reap your productivity harvest is a good thing.

I had learned a valuable lesson…

I learned that the “secret” to time management involves mastering a small number of common-sense, easy to understand concepts that anyone can do. 

Concepts that you probably already know, but just do not use “effectively”. Concepts that I’d already known, but had overlooked in my search for the mystery recipe for time management success.

The Five Concepts You Need To Know:

  • Non-Emotional Prioritisation
  • Laser-Like Focus
  • Confident Communication
  • Considered Efficiency
  • Dispassionate Delegation

If you were able to master these five areas then you would be in the top 1% of any profession in the world.

Regardless of what you do, by developing these five areas of Time Management you would be one of the most productive person in your organisation.

"Iain's training has helped me in a number of ways, but mainly with effective prioritisation and planning. The skills gained from his teachings had a hugely positive impact on my leadership and management abilities, as well as balancing the work life thing."

Ross Sturley, Managing Director, Chart Lane

Let Me Help You To Unlock Your True Potential and Join the Professional 1%.

And if you’ve read this far, by way of introduction, I’m Iain Smith.  

You already know how to do your job. My aim is to show you the so-called ‘soft skills’ that will help you to get on top of your workload and send your productivity through the roof.

For over 12 years, I’ve been coaching and mentoring business leaders, understanding their unique goals and challenges, and focusing on giving them the skills they need in order to lead their organisations effectively.

My teaching method combines ideas from productivity theory, behavioural research and psychology to create practical and easy to implement models of working effectively.

And I use plain everyday English and deliver the course material in a light and accessible manner so that my students can easily understand and quickly put concepts into action.

I hold diplomas in Corporate Coaching and Small Business Coaching from the Coaching Academy, Europe’s largest coaching training company. I am also a qualified NLP Practitioner and have a BA (Hons) in English and a postgraduate from the University of Cambridge.

So what's in this course?

Guess What We Focus On In The One Day Workshop?  That’s right. We cover the five main areas that make all the difference.  The five areas that are going to supercharge your performance.

Non-Emotional Prioritisation

Most people think that they prioritise the most important tasks they should be working on, based on a professional, rational considered decision about what they’re going to tackle next.

Well, I’ve got news for you – they don’t!

What they really do is pick a task that they like the look of, or a task that fits in the spare time before lunch, or the easiest task on their list. By allowing their FEELINGS to dictate their priorities these people, your colleagues I guarantee, will never be in the top 1%.

When you book your place on the workshop you’ll learn a fool-proof method that ensures you prioritise rationally and logically. Working on what matters the most will skyrocket your productivity.

Laser-Like Focus

Most people like to tell themselves that they are focused workers who can zone in on all of their tasks until completion, while successfully blocking out other distractions and diversions.

But in reality they distract themselves every few minutes. 

In fact, they mentally switch so many times in an hour it’s a wonder they get anything done at all. They drift over into a distraction for a couple of minutes and all of sudden half an hour has disappeared and they’ve got nothing of value completed.

On the workshop you’re going to learn a wonderfully simple method of staying on task and making the most of your precious time so that you can get the important things done, effectively and efficiently.

Confident Communication

So many people believe that they are great communicators yet when its time for them to handover, update you on a project or summarise a report, why is it that you’re struggling to hear what’s important?

It’s not you, it’s them and the way they have structured what they’re telling you. So many hours are wasted by inefficient communication. And so much confusion caused by unclear messages, usually resulting in even more time wasted.

Avoid common communication mistakes by learning the right way to get things across. On this information-packed workshop you’ll learn an elegant and easy to use model of communicating the right things, in the right way at the right time.

Considered Efficiency

So many people strive in the belief that the harder they work the further they’ll progress. 

Perhaps you work with people like this who keep ploughing on but scratch their heads when they don’t get any further.

We’ll be exploring why this model doesn’t work and what you should be doing instead to make real progress.

On the workshop we’ll be using a simple but incredibly effective model of working so that every effort you make is focused on improving outcome, rather than just treading water like so many others end up doing.

Dispassionate Delegation

Another reason that many people don’t get as much done as they could is because they don’t delegate effectively.

They’ll have reasons for this such as they feel they’re the best person for the job, or that it would take too long to train another person to do the job so they might as well do it themselves.

Yes, yes, I’m sure they’ve got very good reasons for not delegating. I’m equally as sure that they’ll never reach the top 1%, the place at the top of your organisation that lessons from Mastering Time Management will take you.

On this day you’re going to learn the true value of delegation and how it can supercharge your productivity, create trust, strengthen teamwork, empower your organisation and free up valuable time for high-level activity.

Special Bonus Content

All attendees receive special bonus items to reinforce and continue development and mastery of the concepts taught in the course.

Bonus #1 – Lifetime access to my Udemy time management course  (a £99 value)

My online course has 1.5 hours of on-demand video, 12 articles, and is yours to access forever! You’ll get access to the course every time it is updated and rerecorded too.

Bonus #2 – a copy of my Time Management book (a £15 value)

Do you prefer reading to videos? You’ll be sent a copy of Iain’s forthcoming book, The Priority Principle. Be the first to receive a copy as soon as it is published,

Bonus #3 – a takeaway Time Management toolkit  (a £47 value)

Your bonus time management bag ‘o tricks to help keep your diary in check and unlock more free time in the day.

Are you ready to unlock your potential and join the professional 1%?

Book before 15 September 2019, when prices go up!

"I attended one of Iain's Time Management courses and I have to say it changed the way I look at my task list! Iain is a thoughtful and clear speaker and his material is delivered with real gravitas that lends extra weight to the content. The second best recommendation I can give is that I got real, usable and effective techniques from the course that made a real difference to the way I view my time. The best recommendation is that I would buy again!"

Stuart Walker, Director, Isango8 Ltd.

Join me for a day of valuable training in one of London's most iconic locations

Our London training venue is the iconic and historic George Inn, close to Bankside, Borough Market, and London Bridge. 

Steeped in history, The George is London’s only surviving galleried coaching inn. Charles Dickens mentioned it in Little Dorrit, and was also known to visit.

The venue is a short walk from London Bridge Underground and railway stations, and is also accessible from other City of London stations via London Bridge.

Training starts at 09:30 and ends at 16:00 with a break for lunch midway.

Stretch your legs at lunch time and pick up a bite to eat at one of the many surrounding cafes. Delegates often head to Borough market to enjoy the array of delicacies on offer there.

Photo credit: Ewan Munro from London, UK [CC BY-SA 2.0], via Wikimedia Commons

What are you waiting for?

During this transformational day of training, you will learn different ways to organise your workload.

You’ll leave this training on a high, knowing so many new ways to utilise your time more effectively.

And you will gain the confidence to fly through your daily workload.

You’ll also benefit from my years working with leaders, individuals and groups, passing on my knowledge and experience of effective Time Management in a variety of settings.

I’ve been able to simplify the solutions to problems with time management and can help you to overcome and remedy yours.

Availability Is Limited!

This one day workshop will give you an ABUNDANCE of tips, strategies and models of working so that you can become better organised, more effective and more productive, all of which will lower your stress levels. 

And it’s the most affordable course of its kind that you’ll find anywhere.

It’s a Win Win scenario!

To make the day as valuable as possible we limit numbers, so don’t delay……. Book your seat now and guarantee your place in the room.

Are you ready to unleash your productivity and stand out in your career?

Book now at the early bird rate of £97 / person. Prices go up on 16 September 2019.

So sorry but you've missed early bird pricing. Costs are now £197 per person.

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed!

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

I'm very confident that you'll be 100% satisfied that you received far more value than you paid for the course.

If you aren't, just let me know at the end of the day, and I'll refund 100% of your course fee, no questions asked.

What Are others saying about iain Smith's Time management Training?

“So much has happened since we last met that I'm not sure where to start! After some reflection on what's really important to me, I decided that my number 1 priority is to (redacted; confidential). That was about a month ago and I'm now about 4 weeks away from it becoming reality, which is fantastic as far as I'm concerned. I think I'm now in position to kick-start some other things based on prioritising what's important to me."

Nick Lefkonidjates, Managing Director, Value Insight

"It's amazing how often things you said pop into my mind. Today it was 'Just because you experience failure doesn't make you one.' Valuable learning."

Vanessa Naylor, London Borough of Sutton

"I really liked your approach; friendly, relaxed but confident and informative."

Eva Walker, Finance Analyst, Siemens

"Approachable and informal. Time taken to meet individual needs and concerns. I would recommend this Time Management course to help cope with workload. I will be telling my training dept to look into adding this."

Isa Wilson, Director, Expert Business Services

“Iain's time management course helped me to rethink my priorities, and to reassess the amount of time I spend on various activities. It helped me realise I do too much fire fighting, and provided structure and tools that allow me to focus on the most important tasks for my clients and my business. Iain's calm and humorous approach kept the session light and engaging.”

John Burke-Scott, Freelance Marketing Consultant

Frequently Asked Questions

When does the training take place?

The course is taking place on 22 October, 2019 from 09:30-16:00.  Can’t make it? Join my mailing list so that I can let you know about future events.

Where is the training venue?

The George Inn, Southwark, London.  The venue is very close to London Bridge Underground and Railway stations, and a short walk from the City of London via London Bridge.

Who is the course for?

The course is for any professional looking to gain control of their workload, reduce stress, achieve a better work/life balance, and advance their careers.  I’ve helped a huge variety of professionals including managing directors,  entrepreneurs, teachers, and recent graduates.

What do I need to know, learn, or do before I attend?

You don’t need to do anything but show up.  I assume that you have no prior time management training or knowledge.

Your only requirements are an open mind, the willingness to try new ways of working, and the desire to break free of the shackles of time constraint.

What will I learn?

You will learn how to use and master a small number of common-sense, easy to understand concepts that will help you to improve your results and get noticed by your peers and bosses. 

  • Non-Emotional Prioritisation
  • Laser-Like Focus
  • Confident Communication
  • Considered Efficiency
  • Dispassionate Delegation

As an added bonus, all attendees receive lifetime access to my Udemy course on time management (a £99 value), a copy of my upcoming Time Management book (a £35 value), and a takeaway Time Management toolkit to reinforce the course concepts (a £17 value)

How does the “100% Satisfaction Guarantee” work?

It’s easy!  I’m very confident that you’ll be 100% satisfied that you received far more value than you paid for the course.  If you don’t, just let me know at the end of the day, and I’ll refund 100% of your course fee, no questions asked, and no strings attached.    

What if I cannot attend on 22 October 2019?

Try to rearrange your diary!  🙂  The sooner that you get this training, the sooner you can start taking action and reaping the benefits.

If you really cannot join me on 22 Oct, please email me at [email protected] so that I can let you know about future opportunities.

Are you ready to unlock your potential, take control of your workload, and reach the next level in your career?

Join me on Tuesday, 22nd October, Bankside, London from 10:00 to 17:00.

Book now at the early bird rate of £97 / person. Prices go up on 16 September 2019.

So sorry but you've missed early bird pricing. Costs are now £197 per person.

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed!