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Iain has delivered training and coaching to thousands of teachers and teaching staff.

His focus on productivity, communication and wellbeing allows school staff to get more done and feel less stressed. 

Iain has worked in and with schools since 1991, when he first picked up a piece of chalk as a volunteer teacher in a dusty classroom at a village school in rural Tanzania.

Returning to the UK Iain gained a PGCE from Homerton College at the University of Cambridge and taught English in secondary schools until 2006.

Leaving the profession in 2006 he followed his passion for understanding what makes people successful. He immersed himself in positive psychology and gained various coaching diplomas including Personal Performance and Coaching in Education. Iain is also a qualified NLP Practitioner.

Iain delivering Time Management training

for a consortium of Headteachers

“Iain’s ability to motivate people, to get them to set their sights high and then support them in achieving their goals, is indicative of his dedication and commitment. His enthusiasm for promoting activities that allowed potential was infectious.”

                                         - Ron Searle, Headteacher

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