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Are you a school leader who needs support with your leadership goals?

Get superlative leadership support that combines the very best of modern coaching techniques 

with an impressive arsenal of leadership skills and knowledge.


You already know that school leadership is challenging and at times may feel overwhelming. Coaching provides organised support to tackle the obstacles.

The sessions provide opportunity to think things through, learn new skills and uncover solutions. A coach is a confidential sounding board that can offer clear and structured encouragement.

School leaders have plenty of challenges to face but as your coach I will challenge you too. 


Coaching sessions are a time to uncover solutions. Careful questioning and deep reflection create lightbulb moments.

Challenges that arise often include:

  • Delegating effectively
  • Managing difficult staff relationships
  • Finding time for workload
  • Dealing with delicate situations
  • Getting others on board
  • Letting go of perfectionism
  • Dealing with stress and work life balance


Comments from peers highlight what coaching can bring to the role.

"Iain’s planned sessions were a revelation. How refreshing to be able to set real time aside to deal with things that mattered to me in order to achieve a better and more balanced approach to everyday situations.”

- Alex Gear, Head Teacher

"Thanks for everything this year - your support and guidance have been invaluable"

- Matt Nott, Deputy Headteacher


Two Case Studies:

Lynne Gavin, Headteacher

Lynne Gavin is an experienced headteacher of a primary school in north London.

One way Lynne wanted to use her coaching sessions to explore new ways of thinking about established and seemingly intractable problems.

Iain’s deep questioning encouraged her to look afresh at situations and try out alternative perspectives in order to find new solutions.

Lynne Gavin, Primary Headteacher

"Iain has helped to increase my confidence in myself as a leader and to become more effective. I am more proactive - anticipating problems and taking more of a solution-focused approach to them. I am also more productive – better able to manage my time.

Iain’s probing questions have encouraged me to reflect on and change the way I lead, which I think has had an impact not only on me but on the whole organisation."

                                            - Lynne Gavin

Andrew Booth, Principal

As a newly appointed school leader of a large secondary academy, Andrew was keen to develop his leadership skills.

Andrew used the monthly sessions to build on existing strengths and explore how to improve other areas.

A proactive approach to challenges with a positive mindset helped Andew to get the best out of each session and enhance his leadership development.

Andrew Booth, Academy Principal

"Iain uses a variety of techniques to get underneath what makes you tick as a person. After digging deep he then, with precision, is able to facilitate the understanding, knowledge and skills needed to change in order to achieve and become the leader you wish to be.

I would highly recommend Iain and can honestly say I would not be where I am today without his coaching."

                                        - Andrew Booth

Coaching Programmes

Contact Iain to get started or discuss the different coaching programmes he offers.

There are common challenges that School Leadership brings to the fore. Here are some of the topics that school leaders often tackle during coaching sessions:

  • Leadership Style
  • Delivering A Vision
  • Communication
  • Generating Enthusiasm
  • Managing Parents
  • Keeping Perspective
  • Effective Delegation
  • Difficult Conversations
  • Improving Efficiency
  • Avoiding Burnout

Iain’s whole year coaching programme runs from September to July but sessions can be started at any time, depending on availability.

Contact Iain to tailor a coaching package for your school leadership team.

"I found every session I had with Iain extremely useful. He is an excellent sounding board and you feel more self-aware and confident in your actions as a leader just from talking through things with him. He is great at listening to what you have to say and then cutting right to the heart of what you mean by asking the right questions, forcing you to reflect properly.”

- Gareth Parker, Head Of School

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