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Are you a school leader who needs to significantly enhance the productivity and wellbeing of your staff?

Get training that is inspirational, educational, interactive and engaging.


I provide training courses for school staff, secondary and primary teachers and FE lecturers.

Opportunities for CPD and INSET training are few so it is vital the training is high quality and enjoyable.

As a teacher I sat through far too many dull and theoretical insets where I was left scratching my head.

Your staff will actively enjoy my training and leave it with a range of useful ideas, resources and strategies that they can implement immediately and with ease.

Get training that is inspirational, educational, interactive and engaging.


I have delivered training for schools since 2007 and before that I was a teacher. (Yes, I’ve paid my dues at the chalkface!) I know what teachers need from inset.

I pride myself on how well received my training is and continues to be. I write, design and deliver all of my acclaimed training.

The courses focus on behavioural aspects of productivity, the so-called soft skills.

These personal skills impact so much of our day-to-day working life and determine our personal and professional success.



"Thank you for delivering such a great session, all staff have left school today with complimentary comments about the day."

- Claire Cracknell, SBM

"I felt empowered after the half day session! I think all your advice and experience will help the staff. A professional who states black and white common sense suggestions without bias. Someone who understands the stress of others (through experience) is a breath of fresh air! I feel sane for the start of term. Thanks"

Kim Williams, Deputy Head Teacher


Time Management

Become better organised, more effective, more efficient and more productive.

Get on top of things and feel more confident and less stressed about what you have to do.

My flagship course is available for whole staff, SLT or HT conferences.

Improving Wellbeing

Deal effectively with the pressure of school life and reduce the stress many teachers experience. Learn how to increase resilience  and regain a sense of balance

This course will show you the benefits of resilience and share strategies to avoid stress and achieve long term well-being

Effective Delegation

Everyone working in a school needs to be able to delegate effectively.

Knowing what to do and what others should be doing is key to a school’s success.

Delegating for the right reasons to the right people is a skilled process – learn how.

Coaching and Goals

Experience the power of coaching to create clear goals for personal and professional success. 

Learn how to use a coaching model and deep questioning. Map out tangible plans to support and reach your goals.

Use these skills for whole school, departmental, team or personal goals.

Difficult Parents

If you work in a school you are guaranteed to meet a small percentage of opinionated parents who will be rude and sometimes aggressive.

This course explores ways of minimising the possibility of conflict, how to deal with confrontation and, crucially, managing the psychological after effects of an aggressive incident.

Effective Communication

Nearly every single mistake at work comes from miscommunication. This leads to confusion and frustration and it takes time to mop up the ensuing mess. 

Learn how to communicate clearly and effectively and avoid these mishaps.

Plus, learn how to master your email inbox and feel on top again.

"Lots of practical ideas to use. Gave opportunity to reflect on what we do as teachers. Really enjoyable and informative session."

           - Lloyd Welsh, Deputy Headteacher

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