020 3823 6360           hello@iainsmith.coach           07515 985935

020 3823 6360           hello@iainsmith.coach           07515 985935

020 3823 6360           hello@iainsmith.coach           07515 985935

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For Insets or SLT coaching get in touch with Iain by email at hello@iainsmith.coach 

Take Your School To The Next Level

Unlocking Potential . . . 

Take Your Business To The Next Level

Unlocking Potential . . . 


Are you a school leader who wants to significantly enhance the productivity and wellbeing of your staff?

Get support that is inspirational, educational, interactive and engaging.

A former teacher himself, Iain delivers impactful and engaging training courses, either in-school or open to individuals. As a school leadership coach, he works one to one with your senior leadership team.

He is known for his warm and humorous style, and ability to convey complex ideas in an easy to digest and simple to implement manner.

Iain works with the whole range of educational organisations and has provided training or coaching for staff at:

  • Faith schools
  • Free schools
  • Academies
  • City technology colleges
  • Private schools
  • PRUs
  • Children's Centres
  • Federations
  • Conferences

Whether you're a large inner city college or a single form village primary school, you'll find that Iain's training courses are ideal for your next Inset or Twilight session.

Delivering Time Management For Headteachers at a conference

"I really liked the chance to reflect on how we organise our work. The most useful thing was analysing all the types of work and being given practical ideas for prioritising."

                                            - Laura Webber, Headteacher


Opportunities for training sessions are limited in the education calendar and budgets are tighter than ever. It is vital the training you buy is top quality, enjoyable and has immediate impact.

Your staff will actively enjoy the training event you book with Iain. His warm, relaxed and inclusive manner allows participants to learn in comfort and confidence.


It is important that your staff leave with a range of useful ideas, resources and strategies that they can implement immediately and with ease

Iain has worked in training and leadership development since 2007. Before that he was a secondary school English teacher.


"Iain has a knack of working out exactly what it is you need to hear and then finding the perfect way to get that across. He gives you simple, practical ways of working more effectively. Inspirational."

- Lynne Gavin,

Award Winning Headteacher


Time Management

Become better organised, more effective, more efficient and more productive.

Get on top of your workload and feel more confident and less stressed about what you have to do.

Iain's flagship training course written especially for people who work in education is available leadership teams or whole staff.

Wellbeing At Work

Vital for those working in education this course will show you the benefits of resilience, how to deal with stressors, manage pressure and achieve long term well-being.

Deal effectively with the pressure of work and reduce the stress many staff experience.

Being A Great Leader

This course explores the practicalities of excellent leadership. 

You can become a great leader with authenticity, vision and flair. But how?

We look at the characteristics of great leaders, consider theories of leadership and which models are most appropriate for you and the teams you manage.

Mastering Delegation

Schools and colleges are places of active colleague collaboration. As such nearly everyone needs to be able to delegate effectively.

Knowing what to do and what others should be doing is key to success.

Delegating for the right reasons to the right people is a skilled process – learn how on this course.

Confident Presentations

As a leader in education you might be delivering presentations to a range of audiences: colleagues, stakeholders, prospective parents, peers, community leaders. 

From planning your presentation to knocking it out of the park when you deliver, this hands-on, practical course will help you present with confidence and authority.

Coaching School Leaders

Coaching has become a central pillar in education leadership. Most leaders know the value of coaching and want to bring elements of coaching into their own leadership style.

This course is for school leaders who want to to ask questions that will empower their staff. Leaders who want the fundamental coaching skills that can make all the difference.

Train The Trainer

In a world of continued cuts internal training is becoming more important than ever. This course is ideal for anyone for whom training staff is a part of their role.

We look at how to structure an engaging training presentation from a dynamic opening to a memorable ending, while ensuring continued interest and learning throughout.

We consider the different skills involved and knowledge required to ensure that your training sessions are both effective and fun.

Difficult Parents

The parents of pupils and students are, by and large, a support. There is always, however, a small percentage who will be rude and sometimes aggressive.

This course explores ways of minimising the possibility of conflict, including persuasion techniques and useful scripts.

We look at how to deal with confrontation when it occurs and, crucially, addresses the psychological after effects of an aggressive incident.

Effective Communication

Nearly every single mistake at work comes from miscommunication. This leads to confusion and frustration and it takes time to mop up the ensuing mess. 

Learn how to communicate clearly and effectively and avoid these mishaps.

Follow an elegant four step process to instantly convey your message with clarity and authority.

Oh, and learn how to master your email inbox and feel on top again.

"I really liked the easy to understand way of talking about serious matters"

      - Gosia  Jensen, Company Accountant



You already know that leading an organisation is challenging and at times can feel overwhelming. Regular coaching provides organised support to meet these challenges and tackle obstacles.

The sessions provide valuable opportunity to think things through, learn new skills and uncover solutions. A coach is a confidential sounding board that can offer clear and structured encouragement.

School or college leaders have plenty of challenges to face but as your coach I will challenge you too. 


Coaching sessions are a time to uncover solutions. Careful questioning and deep reflection create lightbulb moments.

Challenges that arise often include:

  • Working 'on' not 'in' the organisation
  • Delegating effectively
  • Managing difficult staff relationships
  • Dealing with delicate situations
  • Getting others on board
  • Letting go of perfectionism
  • Dealing with stress and work life balance


"Iain helps to break the biggest of situations down into more digestible chunks. A great listener that asks questions in such a manner that you find yourself divulging everything that you forgot you knew. Incredibly positive.

- Caroline Slater, Managing Director

"Iain has a vast resource of empathy, experience, and coaching skills that he applies with sensitivity and humour."

- Graham Stewart, Systems Designer

"A lightbulb moment every session"

- Pat Bridges, Director


Two Case Studies:

Lynne Gavin, Headteacher

Lynne Gavin is an experienced headteacher of a primary school in north London.

One way Lynne wanted to use her coaching sessions to explore new ways of thinking about established and seemingly intractable problems.

Iain’s deep questioning encouraged her to look afresh at situations and try out alternative perspectives in order to find new solutions.

Lynne Gavin, award winning Primary Headteacher

"Iain has helped to increase my confidence in myself as a leader and to become more effective. I am more proactive - anticipating problems and taking more of a solution-focused approach to them. I am also more productive – better able to manage my time.

Iain’s probing questions have encouraged me to reflect on and change the way I lead, which I think has had an impact not only on me but on the whole organisation."

                                            - Lynne Gavin

Andrew Booth, Principal

As a newly appointed school leader of a large secondary academy, Andrew was keen to develop his leadership skills.

Andrew used the monthly sessions to build on existing strengths and explore how to improve other areas.

A proactive approach to challenges with a positive mindset helped Andew to get the best out of each session and enhance his leadership development.

Andrew Booth, Academy Principal

"Iain uses a variety of techniques to get underneath what makes you tick as a person. After digging deep he then, with precision, is able to facilitate the understanding, knowledge and skills needed to change in order to achieve and become the leader you wish to be.

I would highly recommend Iain and can honestly say I would not be where I am today without his coaching."

                                        - Andrew Booth


Case Study #1


Case Study #2

Coaching Programmes

Iain’s six month and whole year coaching programmes can be started at any time, depending on availability.

His most popular coaching programme is the half termly package where he visits your school or college and coaches up to five of your staff.

Here are some of the topics that often arise during coaching sessions with Iain:

  • Leadership Style
  • Delivering A Vision
  • Communication
  • Generating Enthusiasm
  • Managing Colleagues
  • Keeping Perspective
  • Effective Delegation
  • Difficult Conversations
  • Improving Efficiency
  • Avoiding Burnout

Contact Iain to tailor a coaching package for your leadership team.

"What is your number one priority?"

About Iain

About Iain

Iain works with senior leaders in education, focusing on giving them the skills they need in order to lead their organisations effectively.

Iain encourages his clients to use the META model, a concept he has developed over the last decade, focusing on four main areas of successful leadership:

  • Mindset
  • Energy
  • Time Management
  • Assertiveness

Harnessing these four areas ensures that leaders have all the right ingredients needed to achieve their vision.

Iain holds diplomas in Corporate Coaching and Small Business Coaching from the Coaching Academy, Europe's largest coaching training company.

He is a qualified NLP Practitioner, has a BA (Hons) in English and a postgraduate from the University of Cambridge.

He is fluent in Yorkshire and can order a beer in Turkish and Swahili - this has been more useful than you might imagine.

Who Does Iain Work With?

Educational establishments hire Iain to work with their leaders and staff in three main ways:

  • Small scale training (4 to 14 pax) for leadership teams
  • Whole staff/ department training days
  • One to one coaching for senior management

He also runs open courses that individual staff members can book a place on. 


- Marie King, London Borough of Merton

"It's amazing how often things you said pop into my mind. Today it was 'Just because you experience failure doesn't make you one.' Valuable learning."

- Vanessa Naylor, London Borough of Sutton

What Teachers Say . . .

"Excellent event, many many thanks. I really liked the filing cabinet idea - will in fact use this for my home for birthday cards etc! The most useful thing was the 4 Ds - I will try and implement!"

Lauren Cullen - Licensed Insolvency Practitioner at Cullen and Co

"I saw Iain deliver training at an AAT branch event and hired him to be my coach. I meet with him once a month and he's really moved me forward. I've since brought him in to deliver training to my company. Highly recommended."

Paul Hawksley - Managing Partner at TWP Accountancy

"I really liked your approach; friendly, relaxed but confident and informative."

Eva Walker - Finance Analyst at Siemens

"Iain has an ability to make delegates feel comfortable from the off which ensures a positive and open learning environment. He combines his extensive knowledge and authority with just the right dose of humour, somehow managing to make every delegate feel as though the content has been tailored to their exact needs."

Jim Alexander - Head Of WildGoose Learning

"Approachable and informal. Time taken to meet individual needs and concerns. I would recommend this course (Time Management) to help cope with workload. I will be telling my training dept to look into adding this."

Isa Wilson - Director at Expert Business Services

"Iain is a great speaker. For many years now he has presented to the Sussex Branch of the AAT for their last event of the year. He manages to make the topic interesting and entertaining, always engaging the audience. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Iain to present to your branch if you are looking for a soft skills meeting."

Nicky Fisher - Licensed Insolvency Practitioner at Herron Fisher and Past President of the AAT

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