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Are you a business leader who needs support with your leadership goals?

Get superlative leadership support that combines the very best of modern coaching techniques 

with an impressive arsenal of leadership skills and knowledge.


You already know that leading an organisation is challenging and at times can feel overwhelming. Regular coaching provides organised support to meet these challenges and tackle obstacles.

The sessions provide valuable opportunity to think things through, learn new skills and uncover solutions. A coach is a confidential sounding board that can offer clear and structured encouragement.

Business leaders have plenty of challenges to face but as your coach I will challenge you too. 


Coaching sessions are a time to uncover solutions. Careful questioning and deep reflection create lightbulb moments.

Challenges that arise often include:

  • Working 'on' not 'in' the business
  • Delegating effectively
  • Managing difficult staff relationships
  • Dealing with delicate situations
  • Getting others on board
  • Letting go of perfectionism
  • Dealing with stress and work life balance


"Iain helps to break the biggest of situations down into more digestible chunks. A great listener that asks questions in such a manner that you find yourself divulging everything that you forgot you knew. Incredibly positive.

- Caroline Slater, Managing Director

"Iain has a vast resource of empathy, experience, and coaching skills that he applies with sensitivity and humour."

- Graham Stewart, Systems Designer

"A lightbulb moment every session"

- Pat Bridges, Director


Two Case Studies:

Abi Cleeve, Ultrasun MD

Abi is a dynamic businesswoman and prolific entrepreneur. She is the founder and Managing Director of Ultrasun UK, one of the world’s best-known sun protection products. 

Abi hired Iain to help her to reach the next level. 

Abi has taken this formerly little-known brand and transformed it into the market leader it is today, now stocked in Marks and Spencer, Superdrug, John Lewis and Harrods.

Abi Cleeve, MD and Founder Ultrasun UK

"Absolutely delighted with the service we received. My coaching sessions have been an absolute revelation. The coaching, which I have to admit I was pretty sceptical about at first, drew out of me the skills and talents that I knew I had, and unblocked the concerns that were stopping me from going forward.

I’ve been able to find clarity in my purpose and create simple and practical strategies to translate my vision into reality."

                                            - Abi Cleeve

Ross Sturley, MD

Ross is the hugely talented MD of Chart Lane, a consultancy firm providing media, print and conference services to a wide range of public sector and private clients. 

Ross always has a large number of diverse projects on the go and finds regular coaching is vital to reflect and take stock, prioritise effectively and plan.

Ross Sturley, Managing Director Chart Lane

"I’ve been seeing Iain regularly for about three years, he's helped me in a number of ways, but mainly with leadership and management issues, and how I balance the work life thing.

I always look forward to meeting him, and have come away with something useful and practical every time - never disappointed"

                                        - Ross Sturley

Coaching Programmes

Contact Iain to get started or discuss the different coaching programmes he offers.

There are common challenges that Business Leadership brings to the fore. Here are some of the topics that business leaders often tackle during coaching sessions.

  • Leadership Style
  • Delivering A Vision
  • Communication
  • Generating Enthusiasm
  • Managing Clients
  • Keeping Perspective
  • Effective Delegation
  • Difficult Conversations
  • Improving Efficiency
  • Avoiding Burnout

Iain’s whole year coaching programme runs from January to December but sessions can be started at any time, depending on availability.

Contact Iain to tailor a coaching package for your business leadership team.

"Iain is a highly personable and supportive consultant with a warm manner that creates a relaxed environment for honest discussion. I found Iain to be insightful and reflective in his consultations, collaborative in his coaching and instructive when needed. Overall, it was a thoroughly productive client-consultant relationship."

- Marcus Agar, Independent Film Producer and Publicist

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