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In 2007 Iain became a business leadership coach and trainer. He left the comfort of a teaching job, launched his own business and through the depths of the biggest economic recession in UK history his coaching and training company thrived.

Iain's initial client base was school leaders but word spread and clients from the business and corporate sectors sought him via personal recommendations. 

Throughout the last decade Iain's expertise in coaching corporate executives and business owners has grown and his roster of business clients has expanded accordingly.

Iain's focus on productivity, communication and wellbeing allows leaders of organisations and their staff to get more done, communicate more effectively and feel less stressed. 

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In addition to his BA(Hons) in English and a postgraduate from the University of Cambridge, Iain is a qualified NLP Practitioner and holds diplomas in Corporate Coaching and Small Business Coaching from the Coaching Academy, Europe's largest coaching training company.

Some of Iain's business clients 

"It's amazing how often things you said pop into my mind. Today it was 'Just because you experience failure doesn't make you one.'  Valuable learning."

Vanessa Naylor, London Borough of Sutton

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